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Feel the chill in the air!

A chill is in the air, snow is in the forecast, and Christmas day is pretty much one month away, which means that the holiday season is officially before us. But wait...

Before we can dive into the Christmas hams and open the presents, we must endure the wind up period. Shopping for presents, pictures with Santa and, of course, the dreaded setting up of the holiday decorations:

  • If you're lucky, it will only be raining, snowing and bone-achingly cold the day you commit to setting up.
  • The lights and inflatable snowmen will be wedged in the back corner of the crawl space, in a twisted, inhospitable heap of cords, bulbs, and parachute material.
  • You won't be able to find the hammer to fix the hooks that are likely the wrong size, and you realize your old ladder still doesn't reach the peak of your roof.
  • Chevy Chase, Tim Allen, and Homer Simpson would be proud of you!

Fortunately, Sun Valley President, Ashley Burnell, and our talented crew have extensive experience in the fine art of decorating exteriors for the festive season. While Sun Valley is best known for the squeaky clean windows and spotless storefronts we leave in our wake, there is nothing our guys look forward to more than setting up for the holiday season. 

Simply provide us with your decorations as well as an outline of what you expect, and our team will work their magic to create a memorable, professionally installed holiday display for your business or home. Let them do the hard part while you stay indoors sipping hot cocoa and watching the holiday specials on TV.

Spots are limited and filling up fast, so call or email us today to arrange for a free quote!

Photo credit: Andy Melton