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Ten Tips for Amazing Holiday Displays

You have officially survived Black Friday, meaning the Holiday Season is now in full swing. If you have not done so yet, it's time to get your outdoor Christmas lights and decorations up!

Should you find yourself dusting off boxes of decorations and getting out the ladder this week, here are 10 helpful tips to make your display memorable for all the right reasons (We're looking at you, Tim Allen):

10: Safety First!
Electricity and water do not mix. As there is generally a plethora of water around the outside of your house, exercise caution when installing and operating your decorations.

  • Ensure that all lights, extension cords, and decorations are rated for outdoor use.
  • Do not put up lights while they are plugged in! Resist the urge to plug in your lights until after the installation is complete and you are safely on the ground.
  • Make sure your ladder is high enough to reach all the areas of your house. You should never stand on the top rung or overextend yourself on a ladder.
  • Do not use light strings that are old and frayed. Consider recycling your old lights.
  • Put no more than 1400 Watts on a single circuit. If you pop a breaker when you plug your lights in, break down your display across multiple circuits.
  • Save the rum and eggnog for celebrating AFTER the lights have been successfully put up.

9: Test your lights.
Check your light strings for any burnt out bulbs before stringing them up. There's nothing worse than getting a string of lights up on the house only to spot the burnt out bulb at the highest, hardest-to-reach point of your house!

8: Use light clips.
You can purchase plastic clips that will allow you to affix your lights to either your gutter or the shingles on your rood. These clips are faster, safer, and easier to install than using nails or a staple gun. They also prevent long-term damage to your home and Christmas lights caused by errant nails and staples.

7: Look for inspiration in unexpected places.
For a unique display, look beyond the traditional house & trees for hanging lights. Accent a bird bath, trellis or lamppost with lights for added visual interest. If the area is too far from an outlet, consider battery-operated, outdoor-rated mini lights.

6: Light the trees.
Consider using a pole to place lights on high trees instead of fumbling on top of a ladder. For leafless deciduous trees, start at the bottom and wrap the lights up the trunk in a spiral pattern, working up each of the main branches. For evergreens, start at the top and zipzag down across the face of the tree. Don't worry about lighting any portion of the evergreen that doesn't face your home or the street to make the most efficient use of the lights you have on hand.

5: Use a string of lights as an extension cord.
If you're looking to run electricity out to an illuminated, inflated, or moving decoration in the middle of your lawn, consider running a string of lights on stakes along your drive or walkway in lieu of an extension cord. Save your extension cords and make the walkway shine in festive colours.

4: Use landscape lighting.
Uplighting your trees and shrubs with a simple stake and coloured floodlight can add drama and polish to your holiday display. Why string lights up an entire tree when you simply highlight it with a floodlight? After the holidays are done, swap out the coloured floodlight for a clear bulb and keep the landscape lighting up all year round!

3: Use a timer.
Don't waster energy by shinging brightly after everyone has gone to bed. Modern timers are a far-cry from the clunky, mechanical timers of yore. Timers today are digital and some even have photoelectric cells so they can automatically turn on at dusk and stay on for a set duration; others are operated by remoe.

2: Be Neighbourly.
Consider those living around you before planting a 650 Watt floodlight that shines directly into your neighbour's living room. They will appreciate your display that much more if it doesn't interfere with their own display of ability to get a good night's rest. If you arer particularly good friends with your neighbours, join forces to create a communal mega-display that will have people driving in from across the Interior to enjoy.

1: Call us at Sun Valley Window Cleaners.
If all of this seems like a little too much to consider, why not give us a call and let our team of decorating professionals create the display of your dreams. Call us for a free quote today!

Photo credit to Mike Lewis