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Conquering the Winter Draft

It follows you around your apartment, sneaking up while you're curled up on the couch or when you first step out of the shower. It wastes money, increases your carbon footprint and forces you to wear a snuggie while cooking dinner. It's the time of year that one can find themselves haunted by the winter draft, but these steps can assure that you are not a victim.
5. Stuff your windows. If you notice that a cold draft is sneaking in through gaps around your window or frame try plugging those areas with either cotton batting or a filler material like mortite. Your local home improvement store can provide you with such materials.
4. Put a sheet of plexiglass over older windows. For older windows, cut a sheet of plexiglass to fit inside the window frame and secure it with screws into the frame itself. This will create a layer of air that can will insulate against the drafts. Seal the edges of the plexiglass with caulking cord (mortite).
3. Clean out your heating system. A dirty heating system will not operate efficiently, letting winter drafts sneak in and drive up your utility bills. If you have a forced-air heating system, ensure that your vents and furnace are clean and clear of dust and clogs. If you use a radiant-heat system, ensure that your radiators are clear of dirt and debris, and the heat source is maintained and clean. 
2. Keep a clean property. This one might not be obvious, but diagnosing trouble spots around your house can be difficult when your house itself is surrounded with clutter and junk. Furthermore, dirty exteriors can promote rot, mold, and pest infestations weakening the barrier between your family and the elements. (Pro-tip: Give Sun Valley Window Cleaners a call and let us pressure-wash away all the mold, algae and pest growth on your home's exterior. Call for a free quote today!)
1. Upgrade your windows. By far the most expensive step, but also one of the most effective. Modern windows (and doors) are far more energy efficient than ones made even 10 years ago. Furthermore, the energy efficiency of a window can reduce over time as seals and frames wear out. This is especially true in areas with a wide temperature variance like Kelowna.
Following these simple steps can help you reduce drafts in your home. Of course, if you would like to give those winter windows a sparkly clean, give us a call! 
Photo credit: Tom Small