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The "Secret" Tool for Streak-Free Windows

You've got your Sun Valley Window Cleaners Secret Soap Mix, a decent bucket and microfibre cloths, but you're still suffering from streaky windows? Perhaps the time has come to step up your game and invest in a squeegee.
Wielded by every professional window cleaner, and yet conspicuously missing from the cleaning arsenal of most homeowners, the mighty squeegee is absolutely key to the mystery of a streak-free shine. Squeegees are typically sold at hardware and home-improvement stores for $5-$20. In addition to selecting the right size--which we'll address below--it's very important that your squeegee has a replaceable rubber or latex blade. If you plan to clean windows out of your immediate reach, consider a squeegee that can be mounted to a pole. That said, if cleaning high windows is a daunting task for you, consider that we regularly clean some of the highest windows in the Interior!
As you'll quickly discover, squeegees come in a variety of different sizes, and it's important that you get the right size for your job. A bigger (12"-15") squeegee might be great for quickly covering those larger windows, but it may also prove difficult for getting into the corners of small or oddly-shaped windows. Our recommendation is to utilize two or three different sized squeegees to ensure that you always have the right tool for the job as you move from window to window. Ideally, this means a 6" in addition to a 12" and/or 15" blade. We at Sun Valley Window Cleaners keep a vast array of squeegee sizes that we bring to every job to ensure the best, cleanest job possible.
Unfortunately, any old dollar store squeegee simply won't be up to the task. The Sun Valley Window Cleaners team imports squeegees and blades directly from the manufacturers in Germany and the United States. We settled on our preferred models after testing and rejecting literally hundreds of others. Getting a squeegee with a replaceable blade is important because you'll need to maintain a sharp edge on the blade in order to get the best streak-free clean possible. This means changing your blade at the first sign of streaking. For the Sun Valley team, this often means changing the blade for each new job, but for the average homeowner, this may mean changing the blade only once every 2 to 3 months. 
Pro-tip: Make sure the squeegee you choose allows you to use both sides of the blade (sometimes called a rubber). This will double the blade's life by allowing you to use both sharp edges before having to swap the blade out for a new one.
Of course, if all of this seems a tad much, you could always give us a call and let us worry about the right cleaning solution, the sharpness of our squeegee blades and, of course, getting your windows perfectly streak-free clean.