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Feather Friendly Windows

We’ve all heard that sickening thump against the window. After calming our nerves, we look over to see the familiar smudge and feathers stuck to the window. Yet another bird has mistakenly flown into a window, potentially losing its life. 
Birdstrikes happen all to often, and the better your view, the more strikes you get. A study completed in 2014 estimated that up to 1 billion birds died by flying into windows in North America. That’s almost 10 percent of the bird population! Even if the bird survives, it still leaves a messy mark on your window where the carnage occurred. 
Past solutions have included hanging ugly, fake plastic birds of prey to scare the birds away; placing nets in front of the window; and putting on a tinted coating to make windows appear solid to birds (and drastically reduce the view from the inside). All of these options come at a cost, reducing your view out the window while marring the aesthetic of your house or building.
While all of these present options have disappointing tradeoffs, there is a new technology created by 3M called Feather Friendly Film that aims to stop birdstrikes without interrupting that million-dollar view. Feather Friendly Film will overlay a pattern of small visually-pleasing markers that will not detract from your view or from the architecture of the building while drastically reducing birdstrikes. This technology is the first of its kind and represents a major step forward in window film technology.
We here at Sun Valley Window Cleaners happen to be a 3M authorized dealer and installer, and we will gladly install Feather Friendly Film on all of your exterior windows. Together, we can do our part to keep birds away from your windows and let them fly free. Give us a call for a free quote today!