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Hard Water Stains and You

‚ÄčHard water stains. We tend to associate them with bathroom fixtures and appliances, but they can also wreak havoc on the windows of your home. Hard water contains a higher than normal amount of minerals and metals which get left behind when the water itself evaporates.

The stains appear as a thin film of rough powder on various surfaces (especially glass, plastic, and porcelain) that resist washing since mineral-based water has a difficult time dissolving soap. The staining can become more serious when metal is involved. If the moisture has high iron content, it can leave behind a red tinted slime.
Once these stains start to form on your windows, they become increasingly difficult to remove. Too much build-up can actually ruin your windows, making replacement the only viable solution. Regular washing products will not remove these stains due to their reliance on soap, but a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water combined with a microfibre cloth and good old elbow grease will take care of smaller stains. Larger stains require a professional approach, which is where we come in!
Ridding the world of hard water stains has become a personal endeavour for Sun Valley Window Cleaners owner, Ashley Burnell. Unsatisfied with the products and techniques used by his competitors, Ashley was convinced there must be a better solution. Through extensive research and testing, he discovered a small company based out of Dallas Texas that manufactured a cleaning solution specifically for hard water stains. Not only is it effective beyond expectations, but it is also safe for humans and pets. Ashley then combined this product with the hard work and elbow grease of his team and #0000 steels wool to develop a process that leaves only our standard streak-free windows, guaranteed.
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