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Storefront & Restaurant Window Cleaning

We offer discounted window cleaning service for storefront and restaurants for regularly scheduled cleanings. The majority of our retail customers are scheduled monthly to ensure that their storefront always looks fresh and their brand is polished. Setup recurring window cleaning and never worry about streaky windows again. 

Pricing discounts available

  • Weekly Service (52x per year) for high traffic areas, lobby doors, vestibules, entryways

  • Monthly Service (12x per year) for showroom windows and street level retail

  • Semi-Monthly Service (6x per year) for indoor mall retail environments

  • Quarterly Service (4x per year) for second storey windows and administration offices


What is included with storefront window cleaning

  • Interior and exterior window washing
  • Hand detailing the frames to remove encrusted dirt and dust buildup
  • Brushing away any cobwebs
  • Removing sticker residue from past promotional decals
  • Non-allergenic and low odour cleaning solution is used to clean the windows and frames
  • Wiping up any excess water


Advantages of professional storefront window cleaning

  • Your staff can do what they do best - serve your customers
  • We're professional and fast!
  • Window cleaning will happen automatically and be billed to your credit card
  • Clean windows create a positive customer impression 
  • Your staff may not be covered by Worksafe while working above 8 feet. We have complete insurance coverage for working at heights
  • Janitorial staff are often not properly equipped to clean windows

Retail window cleaning in Penticton