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Commercial & Strata Window Cleaning

Bank window cleaning boom lift Kelowna

Different methods of accessing high level windows on multi-story buildings

Boom lift window cleaning

Cleaning windows using a boom lift is the safest method of accessing windows and allows us to offer the best quality window cleaning. We can access windows up to 6 stories high using our company owned 66' boom lift. We have three qualified boom lift operators on staff. In 2015, we logged over 650 hours of boom lift operation between our lift operators. We are the most qualified window cleaners in the Okanagan for boom lift operation.

Boom lift use has some disadvantages, it's more expensive than some other techniques, generates some noise and accessibility is a problem where paved surfaces don't exist. It is sometimes advantageous to use the boom lift on the paved sides of a strata or commercial building and extension ladders on the landscaped sides.

Office and condo mixed use building window cleaning in Kelowna

Mario's Towing picking up window cleaning boom lift

Extension ladder window cleaning

We can clean windows up to 4 stories by extension ladder, or a combination of an extension ladder and boom lift. An extension ladder is a preferred method of accessing windows in tight quarters or locations where it is impractical to use a lift. Extension ladder use can be somewhat dangerous, so extensive training and experience are needed to complete this work safely.

Using extension ladders, our technicians are able to get up close to each window and ensure that every mark is scrubbed off and no streaks or smudges are left behind. We need at least 8 feet of clearance between trees and shrubs and the facade of the building to move our ladders into place.

Extension ladder window cleaning in Vernon

Strata window cleaning by extension ladder

Water fed pole window cleaning

This technique of window cleaning uses up to 65' foot long carbon fiber extension poles with brushes mounted to the head to agitate dirt. Highly filtered water is used to rinse the windows to a spot-free shine.  Tap water is filtered through carbon, reverse osmosis and deionization cartridges to create water that has zero dissolved solids and dries spot free.

The advantage of this type of window cleaning is that it is safe, fast and efficient with the ability to reach windows that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach. The disadvantage of this technique is that we cannot inspect our work closely from the ground. We also have the limitation of not being able to aggressively scrub imperfections off of the glass, such as tree sap or dried paint etc. The water fed pole option is slightly less expensive and perfect for buildings that choose to have their windows cleaned twice a year. What does this mean for you? While this method is less invasive, quicker, quieter and less expensive, ‎it does not produce the same 100% spotless windows as squeegee window cleaning.

Waterfed pole commercial window cleaning in Penticton

Waterfed pole strata window cleaning in Big White

Waterfed pole exterior window cleaning

Getting a quote is easy

Call or email us and we will prepare a same or next day quote.

We work with realtors, strata management companies, and self-managed strata to advise and facilitate the process so that residents are prepared for window cleaning day.

Things to consider when requesting a quote

  • How frequently do you want the windows cleaned? The more frequently the window cleaning the lower the price per cleaning.
  • Do you want the windows on resident decks cleaned, or left for occupants to clean on their own?
  • Do you want the windows accessed by boom lift or extension ladder, or is water fed pole a better option?
  • Do you want balcony railing glass cleaned on both sides or only the exterior side?
  • When would you ideally like the windows cleaned?
  • While the lift is on-site are there any other maintenance needs, dryer vent cleaning, gutter cleaning, light bulb replacement? We can coordinate so that other trades can use our lift while its on-site for window cleaning.
  • Does the building have special requirements? noise restrictions, parking issues, do we need to drive our lift into neighboring parking lots to access windows?

Types of buildings we can clean

  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial buildings under 6 stories
  • Condo buildings under 6 stories
  • Townhouse complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Retail storefronts
  • Retirement residences
  • Shopping malls

Commercial window cleaning in Kelowna